The webcam is very convenient to communicate with video and sound, they are also very easy to install connections are always the same. Most webcams connect to a port USB (Universal Serial Bus). There are also some models can be connected to a port FireWire or USB-2, but which are much rarer.

An important tip for your guide to buying webcam: We suggest you choose a brand that you avoid all the problems of pilots (drivers) at the time of installation, because you can easily find them by searching on the Internet. In addition, the brands have great programs and adjustment of features: automatic cropping, automatic brightness, for example. Some examples of brands: HP, Targus, Creative, Labtec, Trust ...
If you have a Macintosh or a PC with the latest version of Windows, you must look at the items it is compatible with your operating system. It is always written on it.

A webcam can film a movie and share it on the Web, the video quality produced by the camera is different depending on the price you put into it. It is possible to shoot on a PC and read from another computer over the Internet. It can also be used for other applications such as image capture, video conferencing, surveillance of a room ...

You decide you want to use to make this webcam for Internet chat and make video simple, it will cost you 30 euros maximum for base models.

For sound, most of these webcams include a microphone, enough to chat with someone on Internetl. For intensive use, there are also models with a headset or a microphone, which makes use more enjoyable.
One last tip for this buying guide on webcams: remember to check that the camera you buy is compatible with the software you use: Skype, MSN, for example.

There are basically two types of sensors: CMOS and CCD. The CCD offers better (better quality "image) but is slightly more expensive than others. The price is justified if you want a true picture quality and if your budget for buying a webcam allow!

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