Here are some tips for choosing the USB drive, you see more and more these small accessories invade the shelves of Fnac, Darty and other stores .... High Tech Difficult to choose between all the models are presented, what are the differences between all these keys, we'll help you make your choice based on your needs. At the bottom of this guide and shopping tips for buying a USB key, you will find a selection of quality vendors and their offers of USB key.

Here's everything you need to know about USB flash drives before buying one that fits your needs and we will give you all tips for finding the least expensive. USB keys are very handy for backing up your data, or to transport them from one computer to another.

There is something for all tastes, some are tiny, others indestructible, waterproof design or there are able to make it possible to read some more memory card formats which is useful for digital cameras eg .

The size or capacity of a USB

Like any storage device, its main characteristic is the size expressed in GB (Gigabyte). The various key market, varies from 1 GB to 64 GB depending on models and brands.

For comfortable use, the minimum is between 2 and 4 GB for personal use, this size is a very good capacity / price models are not expensive at all;) is such that if you need you want to save office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...)

It is imperative to choose the size of its key function of such documents or media that you need to put on if you want to put music, movies, or even photos, of course it will take a key spérieure to 8GB to store all those large files.

It is especially important, you'll comprix, identify the use you will make your USB drive if it will only carry office files or documents of work, a 1 GB capacity will suffice. Those who walk around a bit larger files as Photoshop files, musiquaux mixes, or even videos will have to move on to 16 GB models supérieus which are now at attractive prices or even better 32GB USB key

What accessories are included with these USB drives ?

Another detail different USB drives, some manufacturers provide some ancillary tools for your keys. We sometimes find software to protect access to files with passwords, to do automatic backups to access their e-mails and internet favorites or whether we can manage them and from any any computer.

Of course, other more traditional accessories such as protective covers, extensions, thong not to lose your key, can be provided depending on the model of USB keys.

 The speed and transfer speed (USB 1.0 and 2.0)

There are models more or less rapid in terms of data transfer, it must pay attention to this detail because it is the speed of copying files. The key to reach the fastest transfer rates around 20MB / s while some models reach only 3 MB / s. You will see very simply by checking if the key supports USB 2.0 or if it is limited to USB 1.0.

Attention because speed is not necessarily always the same, we must look on the packaging speed in MB / s. You will now find very nice USB key with hello kitty or wrench ...

The brands and recognized:

Here's a short list of brands for the quality of their USB key and sustainability of their products:

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