GPS The Global Positioning System, better known as the GPS has been operational since 1995.

Originally designed for the Department of Defense U.S., GPS has become a bit of time guiding star affordable for all.

In recent years, GPS will not stop growing at all levels: price, features, options, ...

There are several brands on the market of GPS (TomTom, Becker, Clarion, Mappy, Navigon, ...).
There are also several models based on GPS use: auto, motorcycle, pedestrian, hiking.

Features a GPS The size of the screen A large screen will have a better look at the route directions, better readability, and it will be more convenient.
It is therefore a factor not to be overlooked.
However, the price is more important.

The disadvantage of larger screens is that they are less easily transportable.
The models range from 3.5 inches (entry level) to 5 inches but they are very rare. Most GPS have a size of 4.3 inches.

Navigation software The browsers are becoming more reliable and always bring the driver to his destination. The route directions are very vocal and visual clarity.

These are the additional features that make the difference between the different models and different brands.

The mark Tom-Tom is the market leader with over 50% market share.

Mapping All GPS receivers have maps stored with at least the French card. The cards can be European but there are also covering the U.S. and Canada.

For a version of "Europe", the price will be slightly higher.

We must be careful that the card is the latest quality and to ensure a good guide, the map browser must be updated to avoid for example the one-way streets, prohibited directions.

It is advisable to invest in a GPS with a map more or less precise and detailed to avoid having only the trunk (for European maps).

Autonomy The autonomy of a GPS is especially important if you ever need to use outside the car or if you do not have cigarette lighter.
By car, make sure you have an adapter to connect the GPS to the cigarette lighter.

Sound quality Good sound quality will allow for better comfort. Some models adjust the sound to suit the environment.


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