That's it! The new Windows has arrived, he officially begins his career at the moment, it is available on all displays in supermarkets and specialty stores. Do you want your license and want to buy your software? We will give you the main developments of the software, and the great changes that were made.


Here you will find everything you need to know about Windows 7, if you are wondering if the upgrade is worth it, we'll help you choose. New features, significant changes either technical or visual ...

The power of this update is impresionante, updating from an older Windows (VISTA XPou) will bring plenty of change if you were accustomed to the style and features of Vista and XP.

If you still have questions, we will outline what has changed since the new Windows Vista in 7:

On the first boot and before any manipulation you will see the loading screens have changed.

The taskbar also been revamped, it does not behave exactly as in previous versions of Windows, its operation does not seem very natural if one is accustomed to the traditional taskbar in Windows, you will see the miniature windows may be quite useful.

The Explorer is an essential thing that we see the early uses and is very useful when you want to access data, classify them. We let you discover this new esapce which is very pleasant.


Windows 7 is there, it's time to take stock of this new operating system which is proposed by Microsoft. Nowadays many machines are equipped with the OS, it is quite normal to buy before the final version, it is interesting to know what it actually brings.
Going back to Vista that is the result of a difficult exit, the OS had many bugs when it first came on the market, it must do a lot of updates ... Not very reassuring for software that would centralize everything on the computer.

Internal concerns, and small wars, Microsoft has somewhat slowed down the project. In this new version of the expectations of consumers have really been taken into account, but it is also the technical capability of the machines really felt with this operating system. One senses here the establishment of new bases and we finally find a true allos face of Windows

Microsoft focused this time on communication, although TV ads are not terrible, it has virtually taken over the previous communication that enjoyed no mastery. Features that are presented in this new version will convince you, we are confident you can find above the broad trends that have seen the light in that version of Seven. The current technology level devices really planned.

In summary, Windows 7 is a good value for money, you'll find in stores at a reasonable price for once. It is available for some days now, go have a look on websites that offer it, we have selected the place where you find the best price!

some days later, your software will be delivered to you vous.Si Sipos already a version of Windows Vista that will change a lot of good for your engine, but it is better designed .. You can try a trial version available on some sites (including beta) but you will then be obliged to buy if you are satisfied and if you want to keep.

Briefly Windows 7 will quietly take its place as a leader he intended to settle on his tracks to block the road even more to Linux is a new adventure that starts Microsoft, even if the controversy will not occur until as always ...

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