The Apple Special Music Event to be held on 1 September 2010 in San Francisco should bring a lot of news, here is a list of what might be expected at this event:

  • New range of iPod Touch (4G) has two cameras (front and back) with integration of function with FaceTime mail addresses as identifiers.
  • New range of iPod Nano or Shuffle (many rumors about it) would be equipped with a small touch screen 3 x 3 cm
  • Improvement and service enhancement Mobile Me Sync with several varieties of content.
  • Apple TV will be renamed iTV whose price would be $ 99 with support applications (iPhone? IPad?)
  • Rental listings for 99 cents (each) for a period of 48 hours, instead of buying them at $ 3
Logic and Garage Band could also benefit from updates (compatibility with the Magic multitouch trackpad). Maybe even a version of Garage Band is designed for our dear iPad. Some more precise information could be revealed about the iOS 4 on the latter.

Visit the 1st September to check it all....

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