The trick is therefore to create a shortcut to the file explorer that will directly open the folder of our choice. Here are the steps to follow to create and add a shortcut to a folder in the taskbar:

On the desktop, right click and choose New then Shortcut.

Right click> New> Shortcut - Click on image to enlarge

In the dialog box from opening, click on Browse to select the folder of your choice and then confirm by clicking OK.

Choix du dossier
Choose the folder - Click on image to enlarge

In the window remaining on screen, add C: \ Windows \ explorer.exe and then the path to validate.

Changing the location of the item - Click on image to enlarge

Your shortcut is now on the desktop. Simply move it to the taskbar using the mouse.

Move the shortcut in the taskbar

The shortcut is placed in the taskbar

Your shortcut is now pinned in the Windows taskbar. A simple click will open the window directly to the content of this directory.

Note that if in future you want to delete this shortcut, simply make one click on it then needs to select "Remove this program from the taskbar.


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