To increase battery life on battery, there are only 3 points change (and change some habits, but this is very handy). I spent a day and a half to two days of autonomy.

1 - cut off 3G when you do not need it, which consumes the battery is the perpetual quest for 3G network, kung areas the coverage limits. 3G is really only useful if surfing or use that requires the net. (I also cut the WIFI forgotten)
2 - cut location. Again it is extremely resource hungry battery. not turn when the apps that we need demand.
3 - push Automatically limit: several applications use push and then access the network regularly. Do keep that vital.
Add to that a setting of mail every hour for those who do not need to have their advertising messages every (min, this can greatly serve your battery as well)

what are all these settings directly from the Settings

Push: Settings / notifications / choice of apps
WIFI Settings / WiFi / OFF
Location: Settings / General / Locator Service / OFF
3G: Location: Settings / General / Network / Enable 3G / OFF



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