If you already have an iPhone 3G last generation (new iBoot), follow this tutorial to jailbreak and thus take full advantage (no need for its 3G rejailbreaker every reboot):

For other iPhone it works well, but not better than BlackRa1n example


    * A restored 3.1.3 iPhone and activated it via iTunes (not in emergency mode)
    * An unlocked iPhone officially if you want to change operator, otherwise if you have done with ultrasnow go your way or another
    * The firmware 3.1.3 installed on your iPhone 3G, it works also for 3.1.2
    * iTunes 9 installed, even walking 9.1.1
    * The Spirit software on Mac or Windows, to download this link.

How to jailbreak the new 3G iPhone boot easily:

    * Plug your iPhone into USB
    * Spirit Launch
    * Check Spirit shows "Ready: iPhone 3G 3.1.3 connected"
    * Click on "Jailbreak"
    * Wait a few seconds, your iPhone trademark ongoing restoration
    * You are reading "jailbreak Complete" is that it's good you have jailbroken!
    * IPhone restarts

You now have Cydia installed on your new iPhone 3G 3.1.3 Boot!

Note: For those who encounter a Windows error: make right click on Spirit> properties> tab "Compatibility"> Select "Run this program in compatibility mode to Windows 98".


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