To read tips for buying your computer, select the top elements and devices in the computer or on the left side to the tips and tricks on the computer you want.
If you buy used, you can use a cool site with a friend to save on  used equipment , you should find often.
Computer Guide is updated weekly with free advice to buy with confidence your computer and all the accessories that go with it.
Enjoy the release of  Snow Leopard Mac OS to make the right choice and enjoy the new system.

In perusing this site, you'll know the tips for choosing the criteria necessary for your future computer.

Want to buy a PC or to change yours? You're in the right place on this site you will find all the tips computer tips to help you choose the computer you need ...

In large sections (top menu) Site guide computer you will find details of all components and peripheral PC / MAC and a selection of the best prices on these products selected for you and are available from our preferred partners.

Currently many computer dealers offer floating balances. This is a good time to buy. Be careful to buy a newer model because you will benefit from storage and sometimes very old models.

Remember to consult your computer manual before you buy your computer to help you make the right choice.

The return is the opportunity to take advantage of merchant promotions on the Internet with very good prices on laptops and netbooks, enjoy. You can always wait for the sales buoyant but you may have to wait long! (The date for each merchant is not yet announced).

You'll find plenty of tips for buying your laptop, desktop computer, netbook...
We also update the appropriate values in light of developments of computers and operating systems.

As you know, IT is changing very quickly. Every six months, new render obsolete the hardware you have purchased.
We must therefore select and buy your computer especially well to avoid it is completely beyond six months later.

We answer tons of questions: the difference between Macs and PCs, between a laptop and a netbook.
We can not forget that the computer is not used alone,
Beginner, or insider, you can find all the practical advice,a to buy a computer or accessory for your computer.
It's easy to get advice and computer guided more free advice.

We have chosen as computers turnkey all prices, ready-made configurations, already assembled for all uses and all needs for your computer.

For the record, we have dismantled and reassembled dozens of computer, which helps us to provide you with very practical advice.
We are primarily computer enthusiasts with a great desire to share our knowledge with you!

I hope you take as much pleasure as we read the tips and tricks guide computer.


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